You need a light recipe to create a smoothe and sweet mousse for dessert? Here it is….without eggs and sugar free 🙂 I know that somebody will say: “Sweets must be made as they should be: with eggs, butter, sugar and so on”. I often agree with this kind of vision, but in many cases, I can surely show you that it is possible to enjoy a sweet, made only of light ingredients.

Now I’m going to tell you how this recipe was born: during this autumn, looking at a marvelous persimmon tree with its colored fruits, I was wondering how to use them. One friend of mine told me that she had frozen some, but she didn’t know how to use them. So I told her to prepare some smoothies with milk or yogurt. Then, one day, I had some fresh ricotta in the fridge, and some frozen persimmons and I had this idea: to blend them with rice drink and concentrate apple juice. How was it? A great experience, absolutely to prove! A smoothe creamy mousse to enrich with crumbled amarretti and minced dark chocolate.

Ingredients (for 3 monoportions):

  • mature persimmons (fresh or frozen) 7,5 oz
  • fresh ricotta 3,5 oz
  • concentrate apple juice 1 oz
  • rice drink 1,4 oz
  • 3 amaretto biscuits
  • dark chocolate


  1. You can start from fresh persimmons.
  2. Or put them in the freezer to use then gradually.
  3. Blend persimmons, ricotta, apple juice and rice drink till obtain a velvety cream.
  4. Crumble the amaretti; finely chop some dark chocolate.
  5. Fill transparent glasses with the mousse and put on top crumbled amaretti and chocolate.