Wellcome to Gusto Vegetariano!

With this project we would like to give you the opportunity to find that natural and vegetarian cuisine can be tasty and beautiful in very different kind of forms. The idea of GV was born from our will to make our best talents useful for others and share with you all that we experience with food in a joyful way.

We are not strictly vegetarian, because we see food as a gift, and we have decided to accept it as a gift. So, in some occasions, also if it is meat or fish, we try to be simply grateful: for example when we go to some friends who are not vegetarians, or when our parents cook for us during some festivities, like Christmas or Eastern. Also our children are not vegetarians, but we think they have to find their way free from our thoughts and beliefs. They see us everyday, preparing vegetables, legumes and whole cereals; they know what we think, they know what we are trying to do: to ask ourselves constantly, why a lot of people doesn’t have enough food, why some animals cannot live with dignity, why the climate is changing, why nature is not respected? After asking yourselves these questions, it is simply to start to make something different in your daily life, in the direction to respect yourself, others and the planet we are living on. So we don’t want to force our children to become vegetarian, we think that it will be more important them to stay with helpful questions. 

And the same thing with you: we don’t want to force an idea, to force a direction, but simply to encourage useful actions through helpful questions.

With this blog you will find lots of vegetarian and vegan reciepes with organic and seasonal food. We think we can start from this. Also a person who eat meat can have good inspirations from GV. And also vegans and vegetarians: GV will be the point of contact, the space where we can share something and stay together.

Francesca’s profile:

After ten years as a secretary, I’ve decided to take the way of change: after become mother for the first time, I’ve started to have more sensibility for food and to be interested in natural cooking. The passion for cooking was  growing more and more; so I thought to try to make this passion become a real job. I was not technically prepared, so in 2009 I’ve started two important  stages: the first at Bibendum Catering with the chef Marta Pulini and the second at L’osteria La Francescana with chef Massimo Bottura. I was 35 years old and I thought: “You have to stay with the best and learn fast”. So I’ve had the honor and the fortune to make these two stages in two really great places … and very close to my house! Then I’ve met chef Pietro Leemann at Joia in Milan, one star vegetarian restaurant.  I’m still having lessons at the Joia Academy to improve my technics and learn new things: but now I can have more inspirations in natural and vegetarian cuisine; what my heart have always desired.
My mission is to serve and to find what we have in common.
With Gusto Vegetariano I’m going to publish tasty and beautiful recipes to share with you all that I experience everyday in the kitchen.

I put my attention on the quality of the ingredients, on the possibility to create also beautiful recipes and on the idea that food is a present and we need to receive it and share it with deep joy.

Matteo’s profile:
After 10 years as businessman in the precast concrete branch, in 2006 I’ve sold my company and I became a full time business consultant with focus on advanced sales techniques and marketing.
Today I work for different companies as Sales Consultant & Trainer, planning strategies with the management to increase sales and profit margins; I train the sales people to be competitive and successfull.
My mission is “to be supportive”.
My job gives me the possibility to be in contact with a lot of people and companies with wich I share successes, difficulties, potentialities.

In Gusto Vegetariano project I am the marketing consultant, I organize events, team buildings…and I have to taste all the recipes that will be posted on the blog