A really enjoyable discovery: if you own a juice extractor you can make a very special almond drink.

Here is the simple and quick recipe to get a good alternative to milk. How do I prefer it more? Warmed up and enriched with bitter cocoa and brown sugar, or fresh and raw with a cup of crunchy mix.

Let me know if you like it 😉


  • Almonds 7 oz
  • Water 28 oz



  1. Soak almonds overnight.
  2. Drain them with a colander and add new water: the proportions can be different; you can start with a ratio of 1 to 4, as you can see in this recipe, then gradually decide to increase the quantity of almonds as you like.
  3. Now turn on the extractor and start pouring water and almonds inside, helping yourself with a ladle.
  4. Now your drink is ready; you can choose for the whole version, or to filter it with a colander to obtain a less dense liquid.
  5. I’d like to share with you two possible uses: taste the whole version with a cup of excellent crunchy, or the filtered version, with bitter cocoa and a tablespoon of brown sugar.