Living in a city, fortunately in a quiet and green one, I often hear the “call of nature”, and therefore the desire to stand for a few hours in a park or retire to quiet and essential places, far from the intrusive noises that often are part of our society. It helps me to clarify, to understand what is important to me and what I really want; it helps also to relax, to take a break from everyday’s stress, to reconnect to the feeling of gratitude towards nature that surrounds me.

So in a sunny afternoon, me and my family have reached a very nice and relaxing place: the Cascate del Bucamante  in the foothills close to Modena ….. as my 6 years old son said: “A really fantastic place!” An exciting track on a path surrounded by the green vegetation, along this little river which originates from the close mountains and which generates on its way a series of small and large waterfalls. Many special moments kept our attention: we paused several times to admire the lush plants around, the rocks of different shapes and sizes, the insects that are part of this ecosystem ….In particular, I’ve been affected with one aspect of water; watching closely it flows and adapts itself meeting stones, leaves, branches, tree trunks …. it doesn’t give importance to these obstacles, but simply with flexibility and adaptability, surpass any situation and continue its path without stopping; it seemed interesting to see it as a possible metaphor for life. How often encountering a difficulty we give up instead of see it as an opportunity to go further and achieve our goals?

Maybe that’s what attracts me of nature. The ability to give positive impressions, which can be easily translable for answering the questions that reach us every day in life.

I want to be with nature the most frequently I can.