24 March 2018


A few years ago I went to India with my husband … it was a wonderful experience..we were exactly in Kerala region. We made some Ayurvedic treatments and we followed a diet based on recipes prepared in according to the basic principles of Ayurveda. It was really regenerating.

My curiosity incited me to deepen some aspects of this ancient tradition; I also returned home with a strong desire to reproduce some dishes, we ate during that wonderful stay. I discovered that in Indian kitchen, they used clarified butter to stew vegetables, to toast spices or prepare their excellent bread (chapati and puri). So I bought a book of ayurvedic recipes to learn more about those preparations.

Today I share with you the recipe to prepare Ghee, which comes from the unsalted common butter: the butter has to simmer on a low flame to eliminate water, proteins and lactose; in my kitchen, I use it occasionally, instead of extra virgin olive oil, to saut√© vegetables, to flavor stews, to prepare desserts … and to remind me of this wonderful stay in India, which brought so much enrichment into my life.

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